Wednesday, May 8, 2013

American General Life Insurance Company - An Overview

Known oftentimes as AIG for short, American General Life And Accident Insurance Company is not named thus because they offer their insurance to American Generals. In this particular situation, this word general is referring to the other meaning of common to or current to the majority. Over four million Americans use American General Life and Accident Insurance Company to fit their insurance needs. They may use this for business or private use. How Stable Is AIG? Although great rates and incentives can be offered by any life insurance business, not all of them are going to hang around for the next few years. Look carefully before deciding on which insurance company you like; be sure it has secure financial ratings. Many independent financial ratings act as a Consumer Reports of the financial world, with their "watchdog" attitude. The top ratings companies include: Standard and Poors, FitchRatings, and Moody's Investors Service, which publish their ratings to the general public. They grade much like American school systems, with A as outstanding and F as failure. American General Life and Accident Insurance Company has been given the A++ award continuously for many decades. Therefore; we can concede that this company is indeed financially grounded.
A Brief History Lesson American General Life and Accident Insurance Company has remained in business for over 100 years, it began in February 28, 1900 in Tennessee. Then, it was named The National Sick and Accident Association of Nashville. For a short time, it was also known by the NLT Corporation. It later became a part of Houston, Texas-based American General Corporation in 1982. Since then, it has undergone several name changes, and bought out yet another insurance company. Although American General Life and Accident Company does offer services for employees of employers who care; they are more geared to the insurance needs of the individual. Selections are among these: term insurance, universal coverage, and Quality of Life Insurance. The last one is a new concept of life insurance. It provides money to you and your family prior to your death. It helps support you while you pay bills, contract a terminal illness, or become disabled or even retired. As well as life insurance to help with your family in case you expire. AIG is around in most states, so check and see if it is located near you. Article Source: